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Why Not Mediate?

Following last year’s success, Mediate is excited to organize Conflict Resolution Week 2015 October 17-24th. It is a special week with events highlighting the options for resolving conflict effectively.

This year, we’re asking “Why not mediate?” Mediation is an effective, affordable, timely and accessible option to resolve disputes.

Mediate BC Roster mediators are also pulling back the curtain with short videos. People are invited behind-the-scenes to see what really happens in mediation: the role a mediator plays, what it is like for the participants, the different kinds of conflict that are well suited to mediation, and mediation success stories.

Roster mediators are also hosting free events throughout the province. They’re sharing their knowledge and experience of mediation and how it can assist people resolve all sorts of conflicts and disputes.

How can you participate?

  • Attend one of the free events around the province and encourage clients and colleagues to as well
  • Take a behind the scenes tour of mediation
  • Share mediator videos, facts and information on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube marked with #WhyNotMediate
  • Talk to clients, colleagues, friends and family about what mediation is, and why it might be the right choice for them now – or when a conflict arises they can’t resolve on their own (we’ve got some handy ideas here)

We know that mediation is a great way to resolve conflicts for businesses, workplaces, individuals and families. Conflict Resolution Week October 17-24 is our time to really bring a spotlight to the good it can do for so many people.