The focus of the response is on the reference in the Green Paper to small claims disputes in the Provincial Court.  An excerpt from the response (page 3) is as follows:

It appears that the purpose of the Green Paper was to highlight “problems” or deficiencies in the current system in order to advocate for a more systems wide approach. We certainly support a more integrated approach incorporating effective performance management and supported by strong metrics. It is important to identify areas requiring attention and reform; at the same time, it is important to acknowledge areas in which positive and innovative work is being done which creates positive outcomes for the public.

We submit that the Court Mediation Program mediation model is efficient and is achieving good results (cost savings for the system and satisfaction for participants). Mediate BC is continuing to generate creative ideas to improve the mediation process, including ways of increasing settlement rates for higher value claims.

Mediate BC has offered its assistance with a collaborative dialogue to explore innovative approaches to dispute resolution.

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Photo by Mari Helin-Tuominen on Unsplash