Preston Parsons and Civil Roster mediator Jaime Sarophim sat down for a filmed chat with C.D. Saint to explore some of their experiences as new(er) mediators. The conversation ranged over a number of topics, and they’ve been broken down into shorter segments.

We hope you enjoy the switch-up to the format this week!

New Mediator Challenges

Meet the mediators: Preston and Jaime.

The Firm

For mediators who are also lawyers, what sort of challenges might a mediator building their practice face while working at a law firm?

Show Me the Money!

How would you go about setting your mediator fees/rates (if your firm doesn’t set them)?

Make It Work!

How do you manage to mediate when you work full-time?

I Have the Power…Networks!

Where do you find clients? How do clients find you?

More Cowbell

Is word of mouth valuable in building a client base?

We would like to thank Preston and Jaime for talking with Mediate BC. Big thanks also go to Darsey Meredith for filming and editing these short videos of our conversation and to Sharon Sutherland for bringing us together to talk.

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Photo by Igor Rodrigues on Unsplash