Featured Image - Remembering Jory Faibish

With the hope of expressing some of the appreciation he deserves, we have compiled a few statements from fellow Mediate BC roster mediators, along with some friends, colleagues, and admirers.

His Celebration of Life will be on May 25, 2019 from 2pm – 5pm at the Stanley Park Pavilion.


“Jory was not only a remarkable mediator but a remarkable man. We will all feel his loss. We will miss his strength of spirit, sense of humour, compassion, and willingness to contribute to everyone’s learning, including his own. My contact with Jory really began in 2017 when he was gracious enough to offer us help with our home renovations. This was just around the time that he got his life changing diagnosis but a friendship went forward and I’m so happy it did. He was giving and inclusive in every way, and I will always remember the great discussions we had with one another.”  

– Vivian A. Kerenyi


“Jory, even with your passing, you are often with me, cracking a one-liner with your wry sense of humour, or reflecting on some of the mundane to bizarre foibles of humanity. You’re a philosopher, a coach, an advocate, a peace maker and a community builder. You’ve been a neighbour, friend and mentor to me, and I, like so many others, are richer and wiser for having known you.” 

– Kent Highnam


“I had the great privilege to know and work with Jory for about five years.  His kindness, compassion, joy, and sensibility colored every conversation I ever had with him.  The wisdom and presence he shared so generously with clients, colleagues and budding mediators will be one of Jory’s many legacies that will leave our world a better place for having had him here.  I will be ever grateful to have known him.”

-Kat Bellamano


“There are few individuals that leave footprints as deep as you have, Jory. We are truly blessed to have known you.  Your kindness, your wisdom and your hilarious sense of humour will stay with me always.”

– Linda Ohashi

Jory was an incredible teacher who always managed to deliver deeply insightlful, challenging feedback with a level of humour and kindness that always inspired me to keep growing. 

– Amanda Semenoff

I met Jory as the instructor on one of my first courses in mediation at the JIBC.  I recall how he defused a situation with an unruly actor and the impact it had on the class. He did the same thing with an unruly (slightly disagreeable) group of mediators several years later, and had the same impact. He was truly an expert in dispute resolution and also a great teacher.  The other thing, felt by all his students and colleagues, was his kindness and generosity.  I am sure that I count myself among many of his students who considered him a friend based simply on the caring he showed, and his willingness to advise.  He will be missed.   

– Matthew Chritchley

Read More About Jory

If you would like to know more about Jory and his many accomplishments, you could visit his obituary on the Vancouver Sun or see his roster profile. The following are some of the ways he was involved in the field of conflict resolution:

Jory received a Certificate in Conflict Resolution in 1994 at the Justice Institute of British Columbia where, shortly after, he joined as faculty. In October 1997 he obtained the designation of Certified Mediator through the Mediation Development Association of BC and became a member of the Civil Mediation Roster at Mediate BC in February 2006.