If these two topics pique your interest, you’ll want to hear about a pilot project currently taking place in Victoria, BC.

The South Island Legal Drafting Pilot Project (SILDPP) seeks to match lawyers with mediators to assist parties involved in a family law dispute in moving seamlessly from a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) negotiated in mediation, to a legally binding Separation Agreement.

Parties to a family law dispute often require a fully executed Separation Agreement for many reasons, including for banks and pension administrators, Family Maintenance Enforcement Programs, the Canada Revenue Agency and others.

How it Works

Through the SILDPP, parties can engage the participating lawyers to access Independent Legal Advice (ILA) and Neutral Drafting Services at a discounted fixed rate[1].

The SILDPP envisions four stages for participating parties:

  1. Parties conclude mediation with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
  2. Each party receives independent legal advice (ILA) from a different participating lawyer.
  3. A third participating lawyer then provides Neutral Drafting services translating the mediated MOU into a Separation Agreement.
  4. Each party returns to their respective ILA lawyer before signing the legally binding Separation Agreement.

The goal of the SILDPP is to increase families’ access to needed high quality legal services and products as they navigate and consider the long-term implications of this important transition in their lives.

Meet the South Island Legal Drafting Pilot Project Team

The SILDPP lawyers will be hosting a Meet and Greet during Conflict Resolution Week 2016. The SILDPP team are looking forward to connecting with those working in the Family Law area interested in learning more about the Pilot over light snacks and refreshments.

If you are unable to make the SILDPP Meet & Greet, connect with them on Facebook.

Currently there are six lawyers and two mediators involved with developing SILDPP and all practice primarily in the area of family law. Introducing:

Craig Vaughan

Craig Vaughan

Duncan & Faber
#302 – 852 Fort St.
Victoria, BC V8W 1H8

Phone: 250-383-8038
Fax: 250-383-3181

Samantha de WitSamantha de Wit

Brown Henderson Melbye
2187 Oak Bay Ave.
Victoria, BC V8R 1G1

Phone: 250-595-2220
Fax: 250-595-4440

Juhi SuklaJuhi Shukla

Stevenson Luchies & Leigh
#300 – 736 Broughton Street
Victoria, BC V8W 1E1

Phone: 250-381-4040
Fax: 250-388-9406

Gavin MatherGavin Mather

Quadra Legal Centre
#101 – 2750 Quadra Street
Victoria, BC V8T 4E8

Phone: 250-380-1566
Fax: 250-380-3090

Samantha RapoportSamantha Rapoport

Brown Henderson Melbye
2187 Oak Bay Ave.
Victoria, BC V8R 1G1

Phone: 250-595-2220
Fax: 250-595-4440

Nicole HamiltonNicole Hamilton

Waddell Raponi
1002 Wharf Street
Victoria, BC V8W 1T4

Phone: 250-385-4311
Fax: 250-385-2012

[1] Note: There is a total time cap to the ILA and Neutral Drafting services offered through this pilot.

Conflict Resolution Week 2016