Funding cuts required us to revamp our family program and a new streamlined version was launched in 2012.  Through the program,  trained family mediators (now called Associate Mediators) are matched with skilled and experienced family mediators (Lead Mediators) to serve BC families through a co-mediation.  The vision is for these opportunities to be available province-wide.

Our first group of Lead Mediators have been working successfully with Associate Mediators during 2013.  They are:

  • Michael Lomax (Victoria)
  • Kathleen Bellamano (Victoria)
  • Vivian Kerenyi (Vancouver)

Mediate BC is pleased to announce the addition of four new Lead Mediators to our Family Mediation Program!  The following mediators are now available to begin mentoring:

  • Nancy Cameron Q.C. (Vancouver)
  • Carol Hickman Q.C. (New Westminster)
  • Patricia Lane (Vancouver/Victoria)
  • Ron Smith Q.C. (Kelowna)

With this group of seven Lead Mediators, we now have more capacity than ever before (and in more areas of the province) to offer a quality and timely mentoring experience for those mediators who are seeking practical experience for membership/accreditation or professional development. 

We are excited to offer these well-respected and experienced family mediators to build capacity for family mediation in the province.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming part of a Mediation Team as an Associate Mediator in Mediate BC’s Family Mediation Program, please consult our website or contact our office for more information.

If you are interested in joining the Lead Mediator team please contact our offices. 

Special thanks to Darrin Hotte and to former Program Manager Rob Finlay who have worked hard to provide an affordably high quality program.

Thank you!!

Post submitted by Kari D. Boyle, Executive Director, Mediate BC Society