Mediate BC Announces New Med-Arb Standards of Conduct

This newer process is gaining some popularity and interest from the public and dispute resolution professionals. It balances the opportunity to reach a mutually acceptable agreement and the certainty of resolution. Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation blog has recently featured a couple of posts on this new process. Some concerns raised in these posts are addressed by the new standards released by Mediate BC.

Mediate BC has released new Standards of Conduct for Med-Arbitrators.

These standards were developed by a joint working group from Mediate BC and the British Columbia Arbitration and Mediation Institute (BCAMI), their review of published materials from various jurisdictions, and the feedback of their peers. Adhering to the Standards of Conduct for Med-Arbitrators is one of the requirements for maintaining status on Mediate BC’s new Med-Arb Roster.

Apply to the Med-Arb Roster

With the publishing of these Standards, Mediate BC is now accepting applications to the new Med-Arb Roster. Similar to the Civil and Family Mediator Rosters, the Med-Arb Roster establishes a minimum standard of training, experience and professionalism for med-arbitrators. It also ensures those who use med-arbitrator services have recourse to Mediate BC’s complaints process based on the new Standards of Conduct, and ensures the med-arbitrators are suitably insured. The Med-Arb Roster also provides a hub for the public to find and access med-arbitrator services.

Med-Arb Roster Criteria for Admission

Mediate BC looks forward to launching the Med-Arb Roster for public access in the near future.